KT to invest $1.5 billion in IPTV
FierceIPTV - Washington,DC,USA
By Dan O'Shea South Korea's Korean Telecom is planning for a commercial launch of linear IPTV service next month, and the telco said this week that it plans ...
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South Korea: KT to Invest 1.5bn Dollars in IPTV
RedOrbit - Dallas,TX,USA
KT also announced yesterday that its Mega TV IPTV service has begun a trial service by offering real-time TV programmes from major broadcasters. ...
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Enhanced Television Applications to Become the Battleground for ...
MarketWatch - USA
Service providers, primarily those with legacy telephony distribution networks, are utilizing IPTV technology for all or part of their video delivery system ...
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DOCSIS 3.0 Appearing in Europe
By Bob Larribeau(Bob Larribeau)
This is a strong counter to the inroads that the Telco IPTV services are making in Europe. The DOCSIS 3.0 services have premium prices and premium performance. I think that the same approach will be used in the US with DOCSIS 3.0.
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Sept. 19 2008 Daily News
On2 Technologies Rolls Out VP8 Video Compression Format (http://www.arm.com/iqonline/news/partnernews/23052.html)IQ Online, FranceVP8 has been designed for web TV, IPTV and video conferencing companies looking to differentiate their ...
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Virgil Robinson and Erin Golly Discuss the Markets
By webmaster@iptv.org (IPTV Web Team)
Visit the Market Analysis page for a discussion of commodity prices with Virgil Robinson and Erin Golly.
Market To Market - News - http://www.iptv.org/mtom/

NATEPERKINS.TV: Trump's Crown Controversy
Watching: Nate Perkins Live: IPTV. Nate -- Make a matching donation This week, we saw the stark differences between Barack Obama and John McCain on the economy. With Wall Street in crisis and families struggling, Barack offered a solid ...
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PTCL IPTV and Broadband
By allvoices / contributed news
Some say it is the world's biggest telco. Others agree that even if it isn't, it definitely is Pakistan's biggest. Also the largest Internet Service Provider, PTCL (or Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited) has come a long way ...
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